Rehearsal Time Change 03/03/2018

On Sunday 4th March the rehearsal will start at 3PM.  We've made the change due to the weather so you can get home in daylight.

Band Cancelled Tonight 1st March 01/03/2018

Sorry we thought best to cancel the rehearsal on Thursday 1st March.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Thursday 1st March Rehearsal 28/02/2018

Check here again on Thursday about 5pm to find out if the rehearsal might be cancelled due the snow and weather.

Don't set out without checking!!

Cancelled Concert 27/02/2018

The concert at Old Trafford on Weds evening has been cancelled.

Organisers of the conference have cancelled the event due to the weather forecast, they hope to hold it later this year.

Rehearsals 31/01/2018

The band rehearses on Thursdays and Sundays at 7:30PM.  The band is currently preparing for the Northern Area Championships, to be held in Durham in March, playing the test piece Napolean On The Alps by Philip Harper