North of England Championships 18/03/2018

We're heart broken!  Snow in Lincolnshire and closed roads stopped four of our players and our coach from setting off to Durham, we're just not able to get to Durham with a band.  Some people are still stuck and unable to get home but everyone's OK.  Keep safe.

Message from Band President 16/03/2018

We wish Brian and all the Band every sucess at the North of England Championships this weekend

Jim and Mary Pullan

Rehearsal Time Change 03/03/2018

On Sunday 4th March the rehearsal will start at 3PM.  We've made the change due to the weather so you can get home in daylight.

Band Cancelled Tonight 1st March 01/03/2018

Sorry we thought best to cancel the rehearsal on Thursday 1st March.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Thursday 1st March Rehearsal 28/02/2018

Check here again on Thursday about 5pm to find out if the rehearsal might be cancelled due the snow and weather.

Don't set out without checking!!