Final Countdown 28/06/2018

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN, yes and I can just hear you all singing it too!

What a difference a day makes, wow, another song there somewhere and most of you humming that one too.

Well, as we go into the penultimate and Final day of the Competition, which I must say has been a tremendous contest throughout and will remain so right up to the final whistle of tomorrows games at approximately 8.55pm GMT.

Unfortunately I shall miss the last 4 games due to work commitments until 6pm and then straight to Band Practice because of my dedication to the Band or the fact that I need more practice than everyone else mmmm.

Anyway, with the final 12 points up for grabs I find it incredible that 32 entrants out of 60 can still top the table and 39/60 can still make the top 3, proving what a close and exciting Competition this has been and may I thank you all for your support.

The BIG NEWS is..................................................{NO not Germany going out}


We have a new leader of the pack with Debbie Regan topping the table at Limagrain and overall with her 40 point haul. leaving closest Co worker rival Alan Paterson 3 points behind in her wake.

Long term leader Lindsey McKenzie from Imperial keeps up the pressure on 39 points and leads her closest rival by just one point as  Bonnie Wilson suffers a hiccup on 38.

Carol Harper has put herself in with a great shout with her 37 points{ I hear a symphony} and daft as it sounds MD Brian can still top the lot on his current 29 points.

Philip Smith also sits on 37 points and then a glut of entrants sit on 35 ,including highest mover since last count Sam Smith. Others include Chairman Rob West, Heidi Bradley Cleethorpes Band and England Athletics, and Abbie Curtis and Steve Parish both from Imperial .

Chris Dicotteo from 8Hair Salon is  still in the main chair on 34 and with Diane just 5 points adrift they too still keep in the running. Also sharing 34 points are 2 more from Imperial in John Harris and Jim Masterton.

The rest I will leave you to work out as I need some sleep!!




Debbie Regan  40

Lindsey McKenzie  39

Bonnie Wilson  38

Alan Paterson  37

Carol Harper  37

Philip Smith  36

Abbie Curtis  35

Heidi Bradley  35

Steve Parish  35

Sam Smith  35

Rob West  35

Chris Dicotteo  34

Jim Masterton  34

John Harris  34

John Smith  32

Don Souter  32

Skip Schultz  32

Jenny Mussell  32

Paul Smith  32

Chris Maurier  31

John Nolan  30

M Foster Smith  29

Diane Dicotteo  29

Ollie Swallow  29

Brian Harper  29

Chris Mallender 29

Madeline  29

Frank Maurier  29

Gareth Bland  28

Steve Skinner  28

Theresa Philips  28

Callie Nolan  28

Tracey Burns  27

P Dolby  27

Iaan Wilson  26

Andrew Blades  26

Daniel Smith  26

Alfie Washington  26

 Richard Jones 26

Gina Boakes   25

Dave Bass  25

Chris Lefler  25

Leanne Swallow  25

Helen Souter  25

Roxanna Britton  24

Emma Hurst  24

Kala  24

Rob Gallant  23

Richard Nunn  23

Keiron  23

Jenny Cobley  22

Jimmy Browne  22

Rachel Plaskitt  22

Ali Lefler 21

Malisa Brewill  21

Tim Lefler  21

Angie Coddington  20

Jacob Spender  20

D Dolby  19

Vicki   8Hair  18



World Cup Final 8 games 27/06/2018

Just 2 days to go and after 40 games and a possible 120 points we go into the final 8 games with the leader on just 37 points.

The previous 10 games proved very difficult for almost everyone, with very little scoring throughout the entrants. In fact the Spain draw was only predicted by Skip Schultz and Theresa Phillips and the Portugal draw saw just Jenny Mussell profit from it with 3 points.

Now, going into the final 8 games, it is so close a competition that there are so many still in with a chance which is great and will probably go down to the last seconds of the last 2 games, one of which I suspect some of you will NOT be cheering an England win. How dare you !!!

BIG NEWS is that long term Competition leader Lindsey McKenzie has finally been Co worker Bonnie Wilson who both share 37 points.

That has been an epic battle at Imperial and Bonnie has now put the gauntlet down and hopes to motor past her rival.Keeping up the pressure on those 2 is Abbie Curtis on 34 points and Steve Parish on 32. Skip Schultz has leaped up there on 31 points and keeps his name in the mix. The others are too well in with a chance with a possible 24 points available to notch.

The big battle at LImagrain sees long term leader jet off on holiday probably not knowing that Alan Paterson has finally caught her and they both lie third overall on 36 points with closest rival Jenny Mussell on a very respectable 30 points and again still in with a chance.

Carol Harper keeps her name in the fray at the top on 32 points as MD Brian slips further back on 27 points and it looks like she will have to go solo once more unless Brian switches his baton for a "Magic wand".

Heidi Bradley leads the England Athletics crew with some excellent scoring , leaving John Harris now 2 points behind . Heidi now shares  33 points with Band Chairman Rob West.

At 8Hair it's Chris who leads the way and on 32 points has opened 5 point gap over Diane to keep his chances of top spot overall well alive. Come on Vicki there's still time as  she sits on 16 points.

Philip Smith heads their clan and on 35 points is right up amongst the overall leaders. He is now being pressed by Sam and John who both share 31 points.

Ollie Swallow has opened a 5 point gap over Sister Leanne with his 27 points.

Still everything to play for and still very interesting .I certainly wouldn't like to make any predictions for the overall result as my own "unofficial" sheet reads  32 points so far.  What is good is the fact that from a possible 120 points so far the leader has 37 points and with 24 points left to play for EVERY single person can still win the whole Competition. Crazy but true!


Table with 8 games remaining.


Lindsey McKenzie  37

Bonnie Wilson  37

Debbie Regan  36

Alan Paterson  36

Philip Smith  35

Abbie Curtis  34

Heidi Bradley  33

Rob West  33

Chris Dicotteo  32

Carol Harper  32

Jim Masterton  32

Steve Parish  32

John Harris  31

John Smith  31

Don Souter  31

Sam Smith  31

Skip Schultz  31

Jenny Mussell  30

Paul Smith  30

M Foster Smith  28

Diane Dicotteo  27

Chris Maurier  27

Ollie Swallow  27

Brian Harper  27

Gareth Bland  27

Steve Skinner  27

Theresa Philips  27

Chris Mallender 27

Madeline  27

Callie Nolan  26

John Nolan  26

Iaan Wilson  26

Andrew Blades  25

Frank Maurier  25

P Dolby  25

Daniel Smith  24

Alfie Washington  24

Gina Boakes   24

Dave Bass  24

Roxanna Britton  24

Richard Jones 24

Chris Lefler  23

Helen Souter  23

Tracey Burns  23

Rob Gallant  22

Leanne Swallow  22

Richard Nunn  22

Keiron  21

Emma Hurst  21

Jimmy Browne  21

Rachel Plaskitt  21

Ali Lefler 20

Jenny Cobley  20

Kala  20

Malisa Brewill  19

Tim Lefler  19

Angie Coddington  18

D Dolby  18

Jacob Spender  18

Vicki   8Hair  16

World Cup Tuesday 26th June 26/06/2018

Things are really hotting up now, and not just the weather, as we enter the last 14 fixtures.

Just as Portugal and Spain are just about to kick off in today's earlier games a 94th minute winner by Saudi Arabia scuppered a few result predictions and the table could have read so much different.

The biggest battle continues at Imperial and Lindsey McKenzie continues to lead the whole Competition on 34 points,however it's all the girls making the headlines as Bonnie Wilson leaps up to 33 points and Abbie Curtis snapping on 32 points. Jim Masterton lies on 30 points closely followed by Steve Parish on 28 points and Skip Schultz finding his rhythm right up there on 27 points, one point ahead of Gareth Bland.

In the other hot battle at Limagrain Debbie Regan has been finally caught by the productive Alan Paterson and not only do they share 32 points but they also share equal 3rd place overall. Jenny Mussell keeps amongst it on 24 points and now just one point in front of Dave Bass. Tracey Burns keeps them in her sights on 22 points and pulls away from Rachel Plaskitt on 17 points.

Meanwhile , in the 8 Hair Salon Chris has the bragging rights with his 28 points, keeping him amongst the Competition leaders, and Diane is still in the frame with 26 points. Vicki needs to turn the tide with her 14 point haul.

John Harris continues to lead the England Athletics team on 30 points but Heidi Bradley is breathing heavily down his neck on 29 points so will he give up the baton I wander?  Chris Mallender sits on 22 points with Emma Hurst on 20.

Rob West will not want to return from his holiday as his score has rocketed and now sits on 31 points, right up there with the leaders. One point behind him is Don Souter who now leads Wife Helen by 8 points.

Another great battle, this time in the Smith household, sees John and Philip up in the heights of the Leaders on 30 points a piece , closely followed by Sam and M Foster Smith on 25 points. Madeline continues to make good progress on 23 points a point in front of Daniel.

Chris Lefler leads Lefler Towers on 20 points whilst Father Tim toys with Wife Ali both on 16 points after Tim seemed to have finally made his move,  although they are both 1 point ahead of Jimmy.

John Nolan has finally caught Callie and they both share 24 points whilst Kala has 18 and sandwiched between those is Keiron on 20.

Gina Boakes continues to play cat and mouse with Iaan Wilson as they again swap places with Iaan now on 24 and Gina on 23.

Ollie Swallow has opened up a 6 point gap over Sister Leanne and he now sits on 26.

Rob Gallant is 1 point ahead of Richard Jones with his 22 point haul whilst  Richard Nunn sits on 20.

Jenny Cobley has overtaken Malisa Brewill on 19 and 18 points respectively.

MD Brian Harper has cut into Wife Carol's lead and a very close battle gets very interesting once more with 28 and 25 points respectively.

Chris Maurier leads Brother Frank by just 2 points now on 26.

Thursday Night sees the final 2 games of the Competition with England in action in one of them.

As I will be at Band Practice and then an early start on Friday morning until 6pm the Final result may be revealed on Friday Evening/Saturday morning.

Good luck to everyone !


TABLE NOT including Portugal or Spain results.


Lindsey McKenzie  34

Bonnie Wilson  33

Debbie Regan  32

Abbie Curtis  32

Alan Paterson  32

Rob West  31

John Harris  30

Philip Smith  30

John Smith  30

Don Souter  30

Jim Masterton  30

Heidi Bradley  29

Carol Harper  28

Chris Dicotteo  28

Steve Parish  28

Skip Schultz  27

Diane Dicotteo  26

Chris Maurier  26

Paul Smith  26

Ollie Swallow  26

Brian Harper  25

M Foster Smith  25

Sam Smith  25

Jenny Mussell  24

Callie Nolan  24

John Nolan  24

Iaan Wilson  24

Andrew Blades  24

Frank Maurier  24

Gareth Bland  24

Gina Boakes   23

Steve Skinner  23

Dave Bass  23

Madeline  23

Daniel Smith  22

Tracey Burns  22

Chris Mallender 22

Rob Gallant  22

Helen Souter  22

Richard Jones 21

Emma Hurst  20

Leanne Swallow  20

Chris Lefler  20


Richard Nunn  20

Keiron  20

Alfie Washington  19

Jenny Cobley  19

Theresa Philips  19

P Dolby  19

Kala  18

Malisa Brewill  18

Roxanna Britton  18

Rachel Plaskitt  17

D Dolby  17

Ali Lefler 16

Tim Lefler  16

Angie Coddington  15

Jacob Spender  15

Jimmy Browne  15

Vicki   8Hair  14

World Cup Sunday 24/06/2018

When Leanne put England to win 5-0 against Panama in the band room I can't remember how many people were laughing at her. Well NOT ANY MORE!  5-0 at half time as I type!

With 29 games played and 19 remaining the Competition is really hotting up and not just in the ENGLAND camp. Lindsey McKenzie has lead the way for Imperial but Debbie Regan from Limagrain now shares top spot on 31 points.

Then, things get really interesting because no less than 37 others have 20 or more points to keep up the pressure and the growing interest.

Alan Paterson from Limagrain is now snapping at their heels on 30 points and then 5 people share 29 points with things changing with every game played.

Philip Smith on 29 points leads his household, closely followed by John on 27 and Sam and M Foster Smith on 24 points. Madeline has doubled her score since last count on 20 points to keep her in the running.

In the England Athletics entries John Harris and Emma Hurst share 29 points with Heidi Bradley shooting up to 28 points.

A great battle continues at Imperial with leader Lindsey McKenzie on 31 being pressed all the way with Jim Masterton and Abbie Curtis now sharing 29 points, Bonnie Wilson on 28, Steve Parish on 26 and then Skip Schultz, Andrew Blades, Steve Skinner, and Angie Coddington all sharing 22 points.

Chairman Rob West has had a great few days and he too has 29 points.

Carol Harper keeps amongst the leaders on 27 points leaving MD Brian still 5 points adrift on 22 points. One point ahead of Carol sees Band Sargent Don Souter on 28 points, nine points ahead of Wife Helen.

Diane and Chris at 8 Hair Salon keep themselves in a great position on 24 points a piece whilst Vicki moves up to 14 points.

Chris Maurier on 25 points leads Brother Frank on 20 points whilst Rob Gallant drums up 21 points.

Gina Boaks on 21 points leads friend Iaan Wilson by one point whilst Malisa Brewill shares 17 points with Jenny Cobley.

Chris Lefler and Jimmy Browne  on 17 points lead their clan but as I said before beware of Tim as he has started to make his move and will try to pick them off one by one.First victim to fall is Wife Ali on 14 as Tim now shares 15 points with Chris.

Callie heads her home on 22 points with Dad John 2 points behind and Mum kala now 7 points behind with Keiron on 17 points.

Things getting very interesting and some great battles continuing and still everything to play for.

Bye for now back to ENGLAND second half!


World Cup Competition 21/06/2018

After 20 games and a possible 60 points Lindsey McKenzie from Imperial continues to set the pace on 25 points after another batch of difficult to predict games, taking her correct score total to 6.

Debbie Regan at Limagrain has also hit 6 correct scores to take her overall score to 24 points whilst John Harris from England Athletics only has 5 correct scores but also shares 24 points.

Overall it is still a very close contest with everyone still in with a good chance and 28 games to go. An awful amount of work still to get through but I will do my utmost to keep you posted. Nowhere in the world could you get this amount of entertainment for this price.

There is a great battle developing in the Smith household with Philip on 22 and John  breathing down his neck on 20 points.Just behind them is M Foster Smith on 18 points closely followed by Sam, who we wish a speedy recovery, on 16 points.Again things can take a dramatic turn but at the moment they lead their clan and keep in the mix amongst the overall leaders. Madeline holds a respectable 10 points.

Chris Maurier on 18 points has opened a 5 point gap over Brother Frank on 13 after being on level pegging at the last count which proves how quick the tide can turn.

In the 8 Hair salon Chris and Diane are keeping themselves up amongst it and have permed their way to 16 points a piece so honours even at the moment with Vicki not quite making the cut on 11 points. Come on Vicki sharpen those scissors!

A good section score for Heidi doubles her score to an impressive 18 points and could well give John Harris on 24 points a good run for his money.

The Imperial battle sees Competition leader Lindsey McKenzie consistently performing but closest rival Jim Masterton has narrowed the gap and sits on 17 points, closely followed by Steve Skinner and Abbie Curtis on 16, Steve Parish on 14, and percussionist Skip Scultz drumming up his 13 points and hoping to up the beat as we enter the second third of the contest.

Meanwhile, Debbie Regan continues to sort the wheat from the chaff at Limagrain with a second placed overall top score of 24 points. A productive Alan Paterson has bagged 18 points and Dave Bass is not just milling around on 15 points. Jenny Mussell shares the 15 point mark with her analysis and not far behind are Tracey Burns on 13 points and Rachael Plaskitt on 12. Again another close battle which can go a number of ways..........or will it be Au Revoir.

Richard Jones is making steady progress with his consistent 18 points, two points ahead of Alfie Washington and 7 points ahead of Jacob Spencer.

Ollie Swallow still leads Sister Leanne by 1 point with 16 points and 15 respectively.

MD Brian Harper falls further behind Wife Carol who looks like going " Solo" with her mighty 20 point haul, leaving Brian some catching up to do on 15 points so he won't be blowing his trumpet for at least another week. Come on Brian the whole nation is behind you! Thanks for bringing in the brass Brian but barges are better!  { Sounds like a quote by Eric Cantona}

I can see Chairman Rob West booking another holiday quite soon because since he went away his scoring has dramatically increased and after a slow start he now sits on 15 points.

Don Souter has had his lead cut by Wife Helen, on 11, but following Rangers he is used to that and can hopefully build on his 16 points.

Rob Gallant is still searching for the melody and sits on 12 points but can up the beat within a heartbeat.

Gina Boakes continues to make steady progress on 13 points and is a point behind friend Iaan Wilson.

Jenny, come back soon we all love you , Cobley has hit a dry patch on 10 points as has Riichard Nunn on 9 points, 2 points behind Malisa Brewill on 11 points

Chris and Jimmy lead the Lefler Towers on 11 points, closely followed by Ali on 10 points, whilst Tim continues to lead them all into a false sense of security on 6 points before he makes his move to outgun them.



Lindsey McKenzie 25
John Harris 24
Debbie Regan 24
Philip Smith 22
John Smith 20
Carol Harper 20
M Foster Smith 18
Heidi Bradley 18
Alan Paterson 18
Richard Jones 18
Chris Maurier 18
Paul Smith 17
Jim Masterton 17
Ollie Swallow 16
Sam Smith 16
Alfie Washington 16
Don Souter 16
Abbie Curtis 16
Steve Skinner 16
Diane Dicotteo 16
Chris Dicotteo 16
Leanne Swallow 15
Brian Harper 15
Jenny Mussell 15
Dave Bass 15
Rob West 15
Steve Parish 15
Iaan Wilson 14
Roxanna Britton 14
Callie Nolan 14
Andrew Blades 14
Bonnie Wilson 14
Emma Hurst 13
Gina Boakes 13
Daniel Smith 13
P Dolby 13
Frank Maurier 13
Tracey Burns 13
Chris Mallender 13
John Nolan 13
Skip Schultz 13
Gareth Bland 12
Rob Gallant 12
Theresa Philips 12
Malisa Brewill 11
Chris Lefler 11
Jimmy Browne 11
Jacob Spender 11
Kala 11
Helen Souter 1
Vicki 8Hair 11
Jenny Cobley 10
Ali Lefler 10
Chris Lefler 10
Madeline 10
Richard Nunn 9
Angie Coddington 9
Keiron 9
D Dolby 7
Tim Lefler 6