Privacy Statement 14/08/2018

Like the rest of the world the band needs to care for it's members privacy.  Anyone can download the Privacy Statement from the Docs tab on the website menu.

1918 Remembered Update 13/08/2018

A reminder that tickets are selling fast from the Central Hall booking office.  The first two rows of the upper circle are sold out, it's not too early to book now for this spectacular show that will be played once only on Sat 3rd Nov.

Parlez Vous Bb bass? 13/08/2018

Welcome back Robin, our lost in France bass player, shame you can't stay longer.  We look forward to you rejoining our ranks for the Christmas program

Welcome 13/08/2018

A massive welcome to our newest members Leanne and Olli

The Winner is? 30/06/2018

The results are in and have been counted and verified and after 48 games and over 4320 minutes of football played we can now announce the WINNER.

We have seen tears of joy and tears of laughter, and that was just the entrants of this Comp, and the current World Champions dumped out following their first major failings for decades.

116 goals so far with 18 coming from the penalty spot, and 6 missed, and 9 own goals and a controversial VAR system helping to decide certain games.

Almost a 1000 fouls have produced 158 yellow cards and 3 players seeing red.

Most interesting facts though are SPAIN, my initial tip before a ball was kicked, stretched their unbeaten run to 23 games and BELGIUM stretched theirs to 21 games even after the farcical game against the 3 toothless Lions.

Back to the results and going into the last 4 games it couldn't have been any closer and the first game saw Lindsey McKenzie retake the lead with her correct result as Debbie Regan drew a blank.

Abbie Curtis also predicted the correct result and she kept up the pressure with her 3 points whilst Bonnie Wilson fired a blank. Steve Parish netted one point but Co worker Jim Masterton also failed to make an impact .

Heidi Bradley also shot herself in the foot allowing Rob West to overtake her with his 3 points.

3rd game from the end and disaster for the top 4 as they all failed to score and Rob West added another point to his tally to 39.

2nd game from the end and again Debbie Regan swerved the points as did Bonnie Wilson. Lindsey McKenzie and Abbie Curtis bagged a point a piece whilst Rob West stuttered with zero.

The FINAL game saw everything change AND MORE!

Lindsey McKenzie hit the bar with zero return .Bonnie Wilson hit her 4th zero in a row, Abbie Curtis notched a zero and Rob West picked up another vital point.

Heidi Bradley picked up 3 points but it was too little too late whilst Debbie Regan left it late but she also took 3 points to EQUAL the score at the top.

So, with Lindsey McKenzie and Debbie Regan both on 43 points, from a possible 144, the Competition had to be decided on the Tie Breaker question!!!!!!!

Drum roll..................................................................AND THE WINNER IS..............................................

Lindsey McKenzie!

Runner up   Debbie Regan

Third Place   Rob West


Many thanks to all who entered and hope that you all found it as enjoyable to follow as I did putting it all together and not forgetting the great cause you have all supported. Here's looking forward to the next one and.....................COME ON ENGLAND!



My "Unofficial" score sheet read a total of 36 points. Here are all your scores and the FINAL TABLE.


Lindsey McKenzie  43

Debbie Regan  43

Rob West  40

Abbie Curtis  39

Alan Paterson  39

Heidi Bradley  39

Bonnie Wilson  38

Carol Harper  38

Philip Smith  38

Sam Smith  38

Chris Dicotteo  36

Don Souter  36

Steve Parish  36

John Harris  35

John Smith  35

Paul Smith  35

Chris Maurier  34

Jim Masterton  34

Skip Schultz  34

Diane Dicotteo  33

Jenny Mussell  33

Brian Harper  32

Frank Maurier  32

P Dolby  32

Tracey Burns  31

Chris Mallender 31

Madeline  31

John Nolan  31

Ollie Swallow  31

Andrew Blades  30

Leanne Swallow  30

Gareth Bland  30

Steve Skinner  30

Callie Nolan  29

M Foster Smith  29

Iaan Wilson  29

Chris Lefler  29

Theresa Philips  28

Daniel Smith  28

Alfie Washington  28

 Richard Jones 27

Gina Boakes   27

Roxanna Britton  27

Rachel Plaskitt  27

Dave Bass  26

Helen Souter  26

Kala  26

Rob Gallant  26

Richard Nunn  26

Jenny Cobley  25

Emma Hurst  25

Keiron  24

Malisa Brewill  24

Jacob Spender  23

Jimmy Browne  23

Ali Lefler 22

Vicki   8Hair  21

Angie Coddington  20

Tim Lefler  20

D Dolby  19